Auto Restoration

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Your car’s second chance at its first paint job.

Get to the “After” Faster — We are a mobile solution for your restoration, cleaning and paint stripping needs. Call us for a demonstration and customized price quote.


Our non-toxic, non-destructive process enables us to return the car back to the original condition of the factory metal.

  • – Paint removal using recycled crushed glass at low pressure.
  • – No warping or heat generation.
  • – Rust completely removed.
  • – Ready to paint or prime immediately with no prep.


We can complete most jobs in under one day. Because we’re mobile, we serve the entire region and respond to your needs instantly.


Bare Bones Construction delivers superior service on-time and within budget. Our contractors are experienced and insured, so you can trust your next project with us.

Say good-bye to expensive, frustrating and time consuming options.

Believe it or not, you don’t need to spend countless hours masking glass, removing rubber seals and securing chrome.

Unlike other options, our method doesn’t get trapped behind the frame, at the bottom of the doors or hidden underneath the hood.

Ball Park Price List

  • Outside of car $650
  • Inside of car $300
  • Door Jams $250
  • Outside Panels $75
  • Inside/Outside Panels $125
  • Hood Outside $125
  • Hood Inside $75
  • Trunk Outside $100
  • Trunk Inside $75
  • Disassembled car $1350
  • Wheel $25

Paint/Primer will not stick to soda. The car must be washed thoroughly before preparing the surface for paint. Hot water, dish soap and water are both acceptable methods of washing the car. A garden hose and sponge wash is better than a pressure washer.

This should be done as close to the time of paint as possible to ensure a great finish. A Self Etching Primer is the next step after washing.

Strip your car…Not your bank account.

We offer the easiest, safest and most affordable paint removal solution available today.

Doug Plemmons of Bare Bones Construction in Asheville, NC stripping a 1973 MGB down to the metal.
Music by the North Mississippi All-Stars.