Graffiti Removal

The writing is on the wall: Pressure cleaning is the best solution!

Bare Bones Construction cleaned up the new facility for Habitat for Humanity, Asheville, NC.


Bare Bones Construction removes graffiti on the Warren Wilson College campus in
Swannanoa, NC

Don’t slap on another layer of paint… eliminate the graffiti safely.

Graffiti accounts for nearly 35 percent of all property vandalism in the U.S., according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Graffiti has a significant impact on local communities: it drives down business revenue, damages citizen morale and lowers property values. Many solutions promise to eliminate graffiti altogether but just end up leaving the surface looking as unsightly—or worse—than it did before it was tagged.

Typically when you remove graffiti, you can tell where it was even after the job is finished. With pressure cleaning, we  eliminate all signs of tagging without harming the original paint by simply adjusting the amount of pressure we apply to the surface.


Graffiti clean-up is costly: San Jose, Calif., spends $3 million a year fighting it; city officials in Minneapolis, Minn., fork over about $4 million while Portland, Ore. Shells out about $2 million annually.

Studies are being done on a deterrent for “tagging.” Most experts agree that fast removal is the best method.

That is where we can help you. We can do in 1 day what normally takes 3-4 men 3-4 days to do.


We use FDA-approved, water-soluble, non-destructive sodium bicarbonate to eliminate paint from a variety of surfaces. Our gentle process restores most surfaces back to its original condition.


We can complete most jobs in under a day. Because we’re mobile, we serve the entire region. Immediate removal within 24-48 hours is critical to successful graffiti prevention, that’s why we respond to your calls instantly.


Bare Bones Construction delivers superior service on-time and within budget. Our contractors are experienced and certified, so you can trust your next project with us.

We are the best solution for your graffiti removal needs!

Bare Bones Construction offers homeowners, businesses, contractors, government agencies and industrial customers the easiest, safest and most affordable paint removal solution available today. Based in Asheville, NC, Bare Bones Construction serves clients throughout the Western North Carolina region.

Our guarantee:

  • On-time
  • Within budget
  • Experienced